Pawel Fritzkowski

Born in 1985 in Mogilno, Poland.

Graduate of the II High School in Gniezno.

From 2004 to 2009 was studying at the Poznan University of Technology – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management, field of study: Mechanics and Machine Design, speciality: Computational Mechanics of Structures. Graduated Cum Laude from the university with a M.Sc. Eng. degree.

From 2009 to 2013 was a doctoral student at the Institute of Applied Mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Management, Poznan University of Technology. Author of a doctoral thesis entitled “Modelling and simulation studies in nonlinear dynamics of ropes and chains”. In 2013 received a Ph.D. degree in the scientific discipline: Mechanics, in the speciality: Computational Mechanics.

Since 2013 has been an academic teacher at the Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Applied Mechanics, Division of Technical Mechanics.

His area of interests is outlined by widely comprehended theoretical and computational mechanics:

  • classical mechanics
  • strength of materials
  • vibrations, nonlinear dynamics and chaos
  • mathematical modelling and computer simulations
  • numerical methods, algorithms and programming

Hobby: history of science, psychology, music.