Supervised theses

Finalized theses:

  • Adaptive finite-element meshes in structural analysis (2019)
  • Selected calculation methods in the design of pressure vessels (2019)
  • Analysis of the effect of the amount of machining allowance on the strength of die-forging tools (2018)
  • Design of a device for strapping cardboard boxes (2017)
  • Design of a truss-like motorcycle frame (2017)
  • The effect of components of a pressure vessel on the stress state (2016)
  • Simulation and analysis of heat transfer during welding process (2016)
  • Design of a device for PET bottles crushing (2016)
  • Computational approach to cooling in injection moulding (2016)
  • Analysis and improvement of a passenger car aerodynamics (2016)
  • Analysis of cooling in injection moulding by using porous inserts (2016)
  • Software for topological optimization of a rotor for a vertical axis wind turbine (2015)
  • Design of a hovercraft mobile robot (2015)
  • Application of the panel method and the finite element method to aerodynamic analysis of airfoil profiles (2015)
  • Analysis of the effect of the head shape on the stress state of a thin-walled pressure vessel (2015)
  • Stress analysis of a belt conveyor’s base frame with the use of the finite element method (2014)
  • The effect of discretization density on results of dynamic simulations of a rope (2014)
  • Design and stress analysis of a base platform dedicated to a caterpillar mobile robot (2014)