Courses taught

Courses taught in academic year 2021/22

Winter semester:

  • Modelling aiding machine design (lecture & computer labs)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Field of study: Mechanical Engineering (full-time second-cycle studies, year 2, semester 2)

  • Mechanics 1 (exercise classes)
  • Faculty of Architecture
    Field of study: Architecture (full-time first-cycle studies, year 1, semester 1)

  • Computational systems and tools in engineering (computer labs in English)
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Course for Erasmus+ students

Courses taught in previous years
  • Modelling aiding machine design (lecture, computer labs & projects)
  • Finite element method (computer labs)
  • Modelling of mechanical systems (lecture)
  • Computational analysis of mechanical systems (lecture & computer labs)
  • Analytical mechanics (lecture & exercise classes in English)
  • Analytical mechanics (computer labs)
  • Technical mechanics (exercise classes)
  • Mechanics and mechatronics (projects)
  • Mechanics and strength of materials (exercise classes)
  • Theoretical mechanics and mechanics of materials (lecture & exercise classes in English)
  • Fluid mechanics (computer labs)
  • Computer graphics (exercise classes & computer labs)
  • Modelling and computer simulation in biomedical engineering (computer labs)
  • Engineering graphics & CAD (lecture & computer labs)
  • Computer aided design (lecture & computer labs)
  • Analytical mechanics (course for Erasmus+ students)
  • Computational systems and tools in engineering (course for Erasmus+ students)