Research projects

Participation in the projects funded by the Polish National Science Centre:

  • 2012/04/A/ST8/00738: “Mathematical modelling and numerical-analytical analysis and control of hybrid mechanical lumped and continuous systems taking into account contact problems in a three-dimensional space” (the MAESTRO 2 Programme, 2012-2016), project worker (2016)

Participation in the projects funded by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development:

  • LIDER/006/143/L-5/13/NCBR/2014: “The new system of efficient cooling of injection molds” (the LIDER 5 Programme, 2015-2017), project worker (2015)

Projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education via subsidies for the development of young researchers and doctoral students:

  • 02/21/DSMK/3480: “Modelling and computer simulations in mechanics of continuous and discrete systems” (2016-2017), project manager
  • 02/21/DSMK/3457: “Modelling and analysis of selected problems of mechanics with the application of contemporary computational methods” (2014-2015), project manager
  • 21-429/2013 DS-MK: “Modelling and numerical analysis in mechanics of complex systems” (2013-2014), project worker
  • 21-407/2012 DS-MK: “Dynamics of mechanical systems with multiple degrees of freedom” (2012-2013), project worker
  • 21-387/2011 DS-MK: “Application of the modified extended BDF to dynamic simulation of the cervical spine, treating osseous tissue as a functionally graded material” (2011), project worker